Irritated Bladder

Irritable bladder is a general term for any persistent disorder that results in an involuntary loss of urine.


Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

Have you heard the joke about the old woman who took a long time in the bathroom? I have. Far more times than I care to remember. Urinary incontinence and menopause go hand in hand according to popular culture – and not without reason. Ladies, our bodies go through some dramatic changes during menopause, there’s no getting around that. Now, that does not necessarily mean that incontinence is inevitable, but it is an unfortunate reality for too many women. Let’s review some of the science behind this association.


Belly Pooch & Urinary Incontinence

That little front belly. The stomach pooch. It can be annoying and make you question your self-confidence. Generally, belly pooch results from excess abdominal fat or from bloating in the intestines and results in nothing more than some stomach discomfort or a couple stomach rolls (which, as “bad” as you may think they look, are harmless). However, belly pooch may be a sign of a weak pelvic floor as well. As the abdomen is located just above the pelvic floor muscles, it should come as no surprise that belly pooch and urinary incontinence may have a connection. Here’s how:


6 Fun Facts about Vaginas

Vaginas – you’d think we’d know more about them since everyone seems to be fascinated by them. Many women, unfortunately, remain in the dark and are missing out on some pretty mind-blowing vaginal capabilities. This article will cover 6 fun facts you may (or may not) have known about your hoo-ha. For instance, did you know the vagina cleans itself?

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