About Our Company

We believe every woman deserves to have a healthy pelvic floor.

How Yarlap® Came to Life

Incontinence significantly impacts quality of life. It is wide spread among women of all ages but It is a condition many find too personal to disclose.

The physical discomfort and disruption may carry the additional emotional burden of shame and embarrassment that often occurs with leaks. Indeed, there are clinical studies that suggest a correlation between female incontinence and depression.

Exercise is the natural solution. Unfortunately, for a significant number of women who try to tone their pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises, as many as 60% find it difficult to determine if their pelvic muscle exercises have been performed correctly, even when guided by a licensed healthcare professional.

Yarlap® solves the problem – it stops the cause of the leaks and is FDA Cleared to help you maintain urinal control! Plus, treating the cause is significantly cheaper than diapers and much more environmentally responsible.

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How Yarlap® Got Its Name

“Yar” is a sailing term that means responds correctly, lively – it is right and easy to handle. “Lap“ refers directly to your lap. Yarlap® with AutoKegels® helps you get back urinary control and improve feminine performance and expression.

Our Founders

Brent Reider

Brent Reider is the creator and president of Yarlap®. Brent Reider designs FDA Cleared Class II medical equipment (7 devices personally, including the Yarlap®). Brent is internationally recognized as a leader in bio-mimicry electrostimulation including neuro plasticity device design. His devices are also used by the National Healthcare systems of France, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain. Brent’s patents are for patient safety and maximum exercise efficiency.

Brent is an author and referee for medical and scientific peer review journals. “Role of Pelvic Floor Muscles in Female Response” (J Womens Health Issues Care Vol: 5 Issue: 6) is a recent British peer review open access article.

MaryEllen Reider

MaryEllen Reider is the co-director of Yarlap®, the wellness device to treat urinary incontinence and improve feminine performance and experience through muscle control. MaryEllen spends a lot of time researching and finding out what’s new in the pelvic floor world and the social media realm. She strives to empower women through their pelvic floor muscles. She enjoys getting to know her customers through social media and speaking events, and inspiring people about why the Kegel exercises and Yarlap® are so important.

MaryEllen and her dad have emerged as a leading voice in the pelvic floor wellness space.