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An Urge Incontinence Treatment That Actually Works

You may not know the name, yet you know the pressing feeling before, and the emotional pain after… and that feeling and that pain is the uncontrollable act of peeing yourself. There was nothing you did to induce a sudden and overwhelming urge to pee. Instead, it is simply just a problem your body faces every day due to the weakening of your pelvic floor. Read more to learn more about urge incontinence!


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The Ultimate Quick-Guide for Bladder Leakage in Women

Bladder leakage, known as urinary incontinence, is common in women. Everybody knows someone who laughs, sneezes, or coughs and pees themselves. Just because something is common, does not mean it is normal!

So, if you’re looking to get bladder control back, here is a quick guide of everything that you might want to know! (more…)

3 Bladder Control Treatments and How They Work

Bladder control is an issue with which many women struggle. The sudden urge to go may hit when you are out with friends, while shopping, at work, or on a date. If you are planning your trips outside the home around the location of bathrooms, or if you bring pads with you just in case, then you might need to talk with your doctor about bladder incontinence treatments.


Yarlap/ The Best Pelvic Floor Trainer

Yarlap: The Best Pelvic Floor Trainer

Women today have a lot to balance: careers, families, finances, social lives, and a million other things. A lot of women also have to juggle health issues like incontinence, or bladder leakage. When the creators of Yarlap discovered that women experience incontinence twice as often as men, they decided to do something about it. 

How exactly does Yarlap work? What makes it the best pelvic floor trainer available? Read on to find out.


Women’s Incontinence Treatments: What’s Out There?

Incontinence is an issue that affects millions of people across the United States. 1 in three women will experience it and 62%  will leak in public. Incontinence is twice as prevalent in women as in men. But why? What can you do about it?


Peeing When You Sneeze: Why New Moms Have Bladder Leaks

Many mothers of newborn children find themselves dealing with bladder leaks. Many are completely unaware that the pelvic floor muscles play the main role in leaking pee when you do an activity. New mothers do not have an easy time controlling their bladders. Urinary incontinence (the medical term for bladder leaks) has been the bane of motherhood’s existence for as long as we can remember. This is why new moms have bladder leaks:


7 Things You Can Enjoy Again Without Incontinence

Whether you’re having urinary incontinence by leaking a little bit in your underwear or feeling a sudden need to pee, urinary incontinence shows its ugly head and finds a way to mess with your life. Bladder control exercises like Kegels can be helpful if you know how to do them correctly. Having a healthy pelvic floor is something every woman should aspire to have and keep. Imagine you had a healthy pelvic floor that could hold it like it once did. We made a list of 7 things you can do without the burden of incontinence.


5 Common Risk Factors for Incontinence in Women

Nobody wants to admit to dribbling pee when they laugh or exercise, but a lot of women have this issue. A LOT. Urinary incontinence is what 1 in 3 women in the United States suffers from. We are talking millions of women in the United States – you are not alone! Urinary incontinence in women can be a result of many different factors or medical conditions – here are five of the most common risk factors for urinary incontinence in women:


4 Yoga Poses to Help with Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can stop even the biggest yoga fan from doing their normal routine. When you leak in the presence of other women you see every week, you don’t exactly feel calm and centered. It’s mortifying, right?There are several poses which engage and activate the pelvic floor muscles. Here are four yoga poses for women with incontinence to try out:


Bladder Control Exercise

Bladder control exercises are used to re-establish control over the involuntary leakage of urine. These exercises are to train or re-educates your muscles back to strength and help realign your body naturally. Most women do not realize that weakening of the pelvic floor is progressive and can start in your 20s. In other words, for bladder control exercises to be effective, you have to engage the many muscles in the pelvis, not just the bladder wall whenever you can. This is hard and we get it, so let’s explain!


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