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If adults with incontinence were to form a nation-state, it would be the third largest country in the world. Citizens of the inconti-nation would be of all ages. A majority of the population would be female because women are more likely to experience life-events that can strain the pelvic floor muscles, like childbirth, which can cause urinary leaks. As global populations mature, the inconti-nation will keep growing.

Soon more adults will need diapers than babies. It’s already happened in Japan, where adult incontinence products have outsold baby diaper sales since 2013.

The Big Cost of Diapers

The use of adult diapers is financially significant. Global sales of adult diapers are estimated to be about $14 Billion annually (2019) and $24 Billion by 2025. In the US, adult diaper sales are estimated to be near $3 Billion (2019) and $5 Billion by 2025. Since adult diaper markets tend to follow literacy rates, diaper manufacturers – who tend to be paper and laundry detergent manufacturers – spend a lot of resources on educating consumers on the advantages of the technology.  Indeed, industry analysts suggest the startling financial growth can be attributed in-part to the enhanced retention and fluid absorption capabilities in diaper technology. But the technology comes at a price; personal and environmental.

Yarlap® vs. Diapers7 percent of all landfill waste in the US is adult diapers.  That’s 17.5 million tons of adult diapers shipped to landfills annually. That’s 3 times more than baby diapers.  Adult diapers and the third largest consumer product waste in US landfills and as consumer waste, adult diapers are outpacing that of every other paper-based household product in the United States as trash. Since most diaper manufacturers are established manufacturers of consumer products (including laundry detergent), many financial analysts believe the diaper market may be only “moderately competitive” (i.e., a limited number of large manufacturers).

A “moderately competitive” markets means adult diapers are expensive. In personal terms, that means ouch!! An adult diaper patient will spend $1,000 per year on diapers. That is $10,000 over ten years sent to the landfill as waste. And the $10,000 you are sending to the landfill is a conservative number. Plus, an adult diaper wearer will spend an additional $1,200 per year on dry cleaning to treat stained clothing and fouled furniture. That’s an additional $12,000 in cost until you treat the cause. In perspective, $12,000 is the cost of a first class European river cruise with airfare, but you still have limited freedom to travel on the ship until you stop the leaks.

The FDA-Cleared Yarlap® medical device costs only $299. In a matter of weeks you can start saving money on diapers. In a few months you could be diaper free! Start saving for your better future now by using Yarlap® to treat the cause of your urinary incontinence. Please see the chart to the right. Yarlap® is a fraction of the cost of diapers and you get your freedom.

The Not So Obvious Chemical Cost of Diapers

By law, diaper manufacturers are not required to disclose the component parts of diapers and very little research exists on the chemicals in diapers. Concerns of chemicals in conventional, disposable diapers include: volatile organic compounds or VOCs (including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and dipentene), sodium polyacrylate or SAP, dioxins, polyurethane, adhesives, lotions, inks, fragrances, and pesticide residue. Plus some environmentalists insist on a petrochemical load used in manufacturing and distribution. The latter can be significant considering volume and weight of moving 17.5 million tons of paper and plastic to stores then to landfills. Of course, “Natural”’ Disposables” are available. These are typically made with less chemicals of concern (such as chlorine, which cuts exposure to the toxic dioxin), and these alternatives are slightly more biodegradable than conventional brands. The alternatives are typically free of fragrance and lotions. However, natural diapers will have a petrochemical load if you factor moving millions of tons of disposable paper products to the manufacturing site, distribution center, store, site-of-use and then to the landfill.

Certainly, diapers treat the symptoms of urinary leaks and in the short term diapers can be an solution to a symptom. For a more permanent and financially wise solution, Yarlap® treats the cause. Yarlap® at $299 is far cheaper than diapers (even with replacement gel, batteries and electrodes). Just think, for the price of a Yarlap® you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

How Yarlap® Works

Yarlap® treats the cause much like your physician suggests using Kegels to tone the muscles of your pelvic floor. But, Yarlap® does the Kegel work-out for you! Yarlap® tells your muscles how to work-and rest for safe and effective muscle tone. Hence the Yarlap® trademark, “AutoKegel®.” Simply, “In, On, Select the best program for you. then select the best comfort level”. It’s automatic! It’s FDA-Cleared. Its award winning, made by the leaders in muscle re-education technology and Yarlap® has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Why Yarlap® Works

The muscles of the pelvic floor hold and directly support a woman’s organs including the bladder, uterus, bowel and intestines. If the muscles of the pelvic floor weaken and can no longer hold the organs in their natural postural position, the organs shift, which places pressure on the bladder and results in what is commonly known as stress urinary incontinence. Muscle without tone can cramp causing urge incontinence. When urge and stress incontinence happen together, it is called mixed incontinence. Proper muscle tone from Yarlap® re-positions your visceral organs to where they should be and the work-rest action of Yarlap® energizes your muscles so they don’t spasm. Problems solved naturally, by exercise, which is far less costly than diapers.

Value of Looking Good & Feeling Good

If you feel there’s a mismatch between the way you look and the way you want to feel, try Yarlap®. Improved pelvic muscle control with Yarlap® treats incontinence. There is a higher rate of depression among adults who are incontinent. Plus, improved muscle control from using Yarlap® can improve feminine performance (e.g., eurythmic contractions) and expression (e.g., confidence and comfort). When the time is right, confidence and muscle tone performance have immense value in allure. For more on Yarlap® and feminine performance see Sex with Emely.

So, for a product that really works, try Yarlap®.  A real solution to treat a real problem.

Buy Yarlap® directly from, or from your healthcare professional.

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