The Yarlap® Kegel Exercise Kit & System

The Yarlap® with AutoKegel® is an award winning FDA cleared medical device that does Kegel exercise workouts for you. Yarlap® treats urinary incontinence and tones the pelvic floor muscles for you. No more guesswork, no more wasting time.

  • Easy 20 minute workouts done for you
  • Six safe preset programs to tone pelvic floor muscles
  • FSA/HSA eligible
  • No more bladder leaks; simple, safe, and comfortable
  • Our customer service is located in the USA


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Why Toned Pelvic Floor Matters

Muscle tone is the key to treating incontinence. When your pelvic floor muscles weaken, everything starts to shift. This puts a lot of pressure onto your bladder.

Proper muscle tone from Yarlap® re-positions your visceral organs to where they should be and the work-rest action of Yarlap® energizes your muscles so they don’t spasm.

The Yarlap® has AutoKegel® Technology which instructs your muscles to exercise safely and effectively every time. No drugs, no surgery.

Yarlap® is an award winning, internationally respected American medical device company. Our devices are used by the National Healthcare Systems across Europe. Manufactured in England, our design team and customer service is located in the USA. Our customers speak directly with knowledgeable professionals.

Insert like a tampon

Turn Yarlap® on

Pick the program

Find comfort level

Enjoy A Healthier Lifestyle

FDA Cleared & Clinically Proven

The only FDA cleared device AutoKegel® for clinically proven results.

Small and Comfortable

Comfortable, safe, discreet, and easy to use pelvic floor Kegel trainer.

100% Medical Grade Components

Clinically proven Kegel training device that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles for you.

Results Within 2-12 Weeks

Yarlap® treats the cause of stress, urge and mixed incontinence. Diapers only treat the symptom.

FSA/HSA Eligible

Yes, Yarlap® is eligible for your HSA/FSA! If you have any questions, please call (614) 568-7002!

No Guesswork

No more wasting time trying to figure out if you are using the right muscles for the right amount of time. Yarlap® is the only clinically proven bladder control device to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles for you with AutoKegel® Technology.

Kegels, Done for You

Yarlap® sends a gentle signal into your muscles to work them for you. You select the program and set your comfort level and simply sit back and relax!

Quick Results

Results may occur at 2-12 weeks. Yarlap® even helps women with the most severe types of incontinence.

Our award-winning kegel exercise device featuring our kegel exerciser, lubricating gel, user manual, and more.

Created for Women

Yarlap® with AutoKegel® was created for women. Small and discreet, the Yarlap® does everything for you so you can comfortably multi-task or relax while doing pelvic floor exercises at your own pace.

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Is Yarlap® Right For Me?

How do I use my Yarlap® Device?

Please make sure you read the full instructions, including cleaning the pelvic floor muscle stimulator in the user manual.

  1. Put the pelvic floor muscle simulator into Channel A or B (does not matter which one).
  2. Generously apply lubricant onto the pelvic floor muscle simulator.
  3. Insert the pelvic floor muscle simulator into the vagina with the silver parts facing towards your hips.
  4. Press the “ON” button.
  5. Select the desired program you would like to use.
  6. Select intensity for a comfortable pelvic floor muscle contraction. Every woman is different, so pick what feels comfortable for you!

Will insurance cover Yarlap®?

Muscle stimulation is widely used in Europe to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor because many women find it difficult to perform the Kegel exercises correctly. Yarlap® is FDA cleared to tone and re-educate a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. The Yarlap® does the Kegel work-out for you- safe, effective and discreet – while you relax!; hence the trademarks Yarlap® with AutoKegel®. Plus, the Yarlap® is FDA cleared to treat stress, urge and mixed incontinence.

Your insurance company may cover the Yarlap®, but you need to check directly with your insurance company. We do not bill insurance companies.

If you have a health savings account, the Yarlap® is eligible.

You can use your FLEX or HSA dollars on the Yarlap®.

What are the side effects of Yarlap®?

There are no known side effects of Yarlap® or NMES!
Do not use Yarlap® if you have a pacemaker.

When should muscle stimulation results be expected?

Every individual is unique, so results may vary. However, you may expect to achieve better urinary control after 2-5 weeks though 12 weeks is not abnormal.

What should be considered in the selection of a vaginal lubricant?

Always only use 100% water-based lubricants with the device. Never use mineral oils or petroleum jelly as a lubricant because they can damage the PC Stim Electrode.

Never use lubricants containing silicone of any kind. Silicone is an insulator and can also potentially bond to the Electrode surface. (See “Adverse Reactions,” page 9 of the User’s Manual).

Never use any lubricant that contains Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) – a common active ingredient in spermicide that has been associated with a number of possible allergic reactions such as irritation, itching or burning. Women may also experience urinary tract infections, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis after using N-9. Toxic Shock Syndrome has also been associated with the use of N-9.

Avoid lubricants with Glycerin, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol or Chlorhexidine. Glycerin may convert to sugar inside the vagina, which can cause yeast infections in some women. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that can be absorbed through skin and may mimic estrogen in the body.

Phenoxyethanol has possible links to toxicity and skin irritation. Propylene Glycol and Chlorhexidine can be irritating to some women.

Stay vigilant! Avoid ingredients for which you may be allergic. You may find it convenient to purchase your lubricant direct from Relevium Labs, Inc. along with batteries and replacement PC Stim Electrodes. Please read the User’s Manual carefully before use.