3 Bladder Control Treatments and How They Work

Bladder control is an issue with which many women struggle. The sudden urge to go may hit when you are out with friends, while shopping, at work, or on a date. If you are planning your trips outside the home around the location of bathrooms, or if you bring pads with you just in case, then you might need to talk with your doctor about bladder incontinence treatments.


Women’s Incontinence Treatments: What’s Out There?

Incontinence is an issue that affects millions of people across the United States. 1 in three women will experience it and 62%  will leak in public. Incontinence is twice as prevalent in women as in men. But why? What can you do about it?


How We Created the Perfect Kegel Trainer: Yarlap

Here at Yarlap, we are focused on breaking down the stigma against urinary incontinence and empowering women through strong pelvic floor muscles. We created the best pelvic floor trainer for your pelvic floor muscles to help women live a better quality of life. Women who are well on the inside are able to live their fullest lives – plus it’s all about alignment, right? Find out how we created the perfect kegel trainer.  (more…)

4 Yoga Poses to Help with Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can stop even the biggest yoga fan from doing their normal routine. When you leak in the presence of other women you see every week, you don’t exactly feel calm and centered. It’s mortifying, right?There are several poses which engage and activate the pelvic floor muscles. Here are four yoga poses for women with incontinence to try out:


Urinary Incontinence in Female Athletes

You might think that female athletes, or women who exercise, who maintain an active lifestyle would have control over the muscles in their body, and you’d be right! But, not entirely. They may not have total control over their bladder.


Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

Have you heard the joke about the old woman who took a long time in the bathroom? I have. Far more times than I care to remember. Urinary incontinence and menopause go hand in hand according to popular culture – and not without reason. Ladies, our bodies go through some dramatic changes during menopause, there’s no getting around that. Now, that does not necessarily mean that incontinence is inevitable, but it is an unfortunate reality for too many women. Let’s review some of the science behind this association.


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