Yarlap/ The Best Pelvic Floor Trainer

Yarlap: The Best Pelvic Floor Trainer

Women today have a lot to balance: careers, families, finances, social lives, and a million other things. A lot of women also have to juggle health issues like incontinence, or bladder leakage. When the creators of Yarlap discovered that women experience incontinence twice as often as men, they decided to do something about it. 

How exactly does Yarlap work? What makes it the best pelvic floor trainer available? Read on to find out.

Yarlap: The Best Pelvic Floor Trainer

Yarlap is the best pelvic floor trainer on the market. This FDA-cleared technology strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. With AutoKegel technology, and an easy to use, portable device, Yarlap makes toning the pelvic floor easy and hassle-free. We wanted to empower women to live life boldly–and carefree!

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What is the pelvic floor and why does it matter?

Before we get started with how the technology works, it is important to understand what exactly the pelvic floor is.

Both women and men have a pelvic floor. This is the muscle that stretches from the tailbone to the pubic bone. It literally looks like a floor that runs along the bottom of your pelvis.

The pelvic floor acts somewhat like a trampoline. It stretches across the bottom of the pelvis and tightens around the anus, vagina, and urethra in women. When you flex the pelvic floor muscle, it lifts and tightens around these organs. This allows you to stop the flow of flatulence, feces, and urine.

However, things like childbirth, high impact exercise, age, being overweight, and a variety of other things weakens the pelvic floor. Just like a trampoline, it stretches and loosens over time. It becomes a lot harder to tighten the pelvic floor muscle, which allows leakage to happen.

The good news is that the pelvic floor muscle is exactly that: a muscle. And most muscles, even the ones that we can’t see, can be worked out and strengthened.

This is where pelvic floor trainers come in handy. However, not all are built the same, and they’re not always that effective.

Traditional Pelvic Floor Trainers

Most pelvic floor trainers on the market involve some sort of sensor that connects to an app on your phone. The app then guides you through a set of kegels. A kegel is an exercise that includes tightening and releasing the pelvic floor which strengthens it over time. The sensors give you feedback on when to squeeze, how tightly to squeeze, and how long to perform the exercise.

However, these sensors often track any sort of movement going on, which means if you have the sensor positioned incorrectly, it can track muscles that are not your pelvic floor. In other words, you’re working out the wrong muscle! Even with the help of these trainers, many women still continue to perform kegels incorrectly.

Why is Yarlap the best pelvic floor trainer?

Yarlap is a pelvic floor trainer that does the exercise for you. With its AutoKegel technology, you just insert the stimulator, choose a program from the Yarlap unit, and sit back and relax. Yarlap will stimulate the pelvic floor muscle gently, which will strengthen the muscle over time. Yarlap is also:

You want your workout to be quick so that you can move on with your busy day. Yarlap takes just twenty minutes a day, 3-5 times per week.

The best part of Yarlap is you can insert it and forget it! You simply insert the stimulator into your vagina, plug the stimulator into the Yarlap unit, then choose a program. Because it is so small and discreet, you can do a pelvic floor exercise anywhere and everywhere–at work, at home, reading a book, cooking dinner, and on and on!

Women with even the most severe incontinence saw improvement in 2-12 weeks. And as an added bonus, many women also reported feeling stronger sexual experiences. A tightened pelvic floor can lead to stronger orgasms.

Every woman is unique, so why shouldn’t your pelvic floor workout? Yarlap comes with six programs to choose from. Even better, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the stimulator to fit your exact needs.

Yarlap is FDA-cleared and clinically proven. The AutoKegel technology makes it easy to target the right muscles, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re doing the exercise correctly.

Yarlap is the latest and greatest in pelvic floor trainers. After just a few weeks, Yarlap will build up your pelvic floor so that you can rule the world without worrying about leakage. Check out our website to learn more about how Yarlap can help you.

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