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Women worldwide widely recognize Kegel exercises because of their benefits in strengthening the pelvic floor, which can help prevent urinary, stress, and urge incontinence and improve overall pelvic health. Yet, despite their important popularity, several myths and misconceptions surround Kegel exercises. Below is a breakdown of those myths and why they’re untrue from the team at Yarlap Medical, offering an automatic Kegel device to help treat urinary incontinence. 

Myth 1: You Only Need to Do Kegel Exercises After Giving Birth

One of the most common misconceptions about Kegel exercises is that they are only necessary for women who have given birth. While pregnancy and childbirth can greatly weaken the pelvic floor, leading to issues like urinary incontinence, many other factors can contribute to a weaker pelvic floor. Ultimately, factors like aging, obesity, certain surgeries, and even chronic coughing can all affect a woman’s pelvic floor. So, it is essential to remember that Kegel exercises can benefit women in all stages of life, not just postpartum. 

It is important to point out though that Kegels are a great tool for postpartum recovery, and should not be overlooked in the healing process from childbirth. For more information, check out our blog on the role of Kegel exercises in postpartum recovery here!

Myth 2: You Can Do Kegel Exercises Anytime, Anywhere Without Focus

While it t is indeed true that Kegel exercises can be done discreetly, especially with a dedicated Kegel trainer, this doesn’t mean that Kegels should be performed haphazardly. Kegel exercises require proper technique and concentration. Like any muscle, simple contractions do not lead to muscle growth or sustained strength. That’s where an automatic Kegel device, like the Yarlap device, can take the guesswork out of Kegels and effectively tone your pelvic floor while targeting the right muscles. 

Myth 3: Kegel Exercises Show Immediate Results

As mentioned above, the pelvic floor functions like any muscle. So, much like working out, patience is key to see results. Many women wrongly expect immediate results, then question the tool or exercises they’re doing. Just remember that it takes time to see significant results! Kegel exercises need to be treated like part of your routine or “ritual”. Consistency is crucial, and using a Kegel device can not only make the addition to your routine easier, but more discreet and effective. 

Myth 4: Kegel Exercises Alone Can Cure Severe Pelvic Floor Issues

Throughout this blog we’ve seen that Kegel exercises are beneficial, but it is crucial to know that they are not a cure-all for severe pelvic floor disorders. In cases of significant pelvic floor dysfunction, a combination of treatments may be necessary. This could include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, or even surgery. That being said, Kegel exercises must be viewed as a part of a comprehensive approach to the health of your pelvic floor, not as the one tool that fixes every single issue you may have. 

Myth 5: More Is Always Better

This myth follows the “immediate results” myth extremely closely. As we mentioned there, your pelvic floor functions like any muscle, so like any muscle, overworking can lead to muscle fatigue. This is where an automatic Kegel device can help! By providing the right amount of stimulation, you can successfully work the muscles without overworking them. 

Yarlap – Your New Kegel Exercise Device

In conclusion, Kegel exercises are a crucial tool for improving the health of your pelvic floor and treating the cause of urinary, urge, and stress incontinence. Yarlap provides an automatic Kegel device that is made to ease the stress and anxiety that often surrounds these “mythical” exercises. So, whether you’re a new mother, a senior, or someone looking to improve your pelvic health, Kegel exercises can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine. Contact Yarlap for more information on our automatic Kegel trainer today! 

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