How We Created the Perfect Kegel Trainer: Yarlap

Here at Yarlap, we are focused on breaking down the stigma against urinary incontinence and empowering women through strong pelvic floor muscles. We created the best pelvic floor trainer for your pelvic floor muscles to help women live a better quality of life. Women who are well on the inside are able to live their fullest lives – plus it’s all about alignment, right? Find out how we created the perfect kegel trainer. 

1. 1 in 3 women in the United States experience urinary incontinence in their lifetime
2. Women are 2x more likely to have urinary incontinence as men
3. Many women with urinary incontinence isolate themselves and lose self-esteem


Yarlap helps maintain bladder control and tone pelvic floor muscles. Yarlap with AutoKegel® is the Kegel trainer that was featured in an article on Bustle about improving sex lives for women through strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Yarlap with AutoKegel® uses low-level electrical stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and not only cures incontinence but it can improve a woman’s ability for sexual satisfaction in a way that “the most-dedicated Kegel practitioner could only dream about” (a quote from our friends at Reason Magazine 😃).

Yarlap is FDA cleared and able to make wellness claims on making sexual experience and performance better through muscle control. Our design is based on years of medical equipment design in the USA and Europe. Our technology has lead to our president being published in The Journal of Women’s Health, Issues and Care.

Why Kegels are SO Hard

Before we talk about WHY Kegel trainers are so important, we have to address the muscles they are trying to tone. The pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic organs and run along the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic floor muscles provide support to the organs (like the bladder and uterus) that lie on it. Did you know the clitoris runs along the female pelvic floor? Strong pelvic floor muscles give you control over your bladder and a stronger response to orgasm.

Think of the pelvic floor muscles as a hammock. When the hammock gets weak or damaged, it starts to sag and give out which causes the organs to fall on top of each other. When this happens, the pelvic floor can cause stress incontinence – leaking when you laugh, cough or bounce.

woman holding showing stomachWhen the muscles contract spasmodically and you need to pee right away, its called urge incontinence. Overactive bladder is the marketing name of urge incontinence. But it’s the muscles crying out for attention. Urge and stress together is call mixed incontinence. No matter the name, they are pretty frustrating to deal with.

If done properly, Kegel exercises improve pelvic floor muscle tone and return your organs to their normal position (e.g., no longer floating in a sagging hammock). Unfortunately, Kegels are not easy to do.

Clinical studies indicate that even with guidance from a healthcare professional over 50% of women do not perform pelvic floor exercises correctly. To be effective an exercise must be scheduled and performed correctly. Non-performance is the reason most women never return for a second visit to their healthcare professional for pelvic floor issues.

For Kegel exercises, this is especially true because for the woman it all inside. It’s incredibly difficult to isolate the pelvic floor muscles and engage them in an exercise (yay for Kegel trainers like Yarlap!)

Yarlap: The Kegel Trainer Comes In

woman yoga with yoga mat in shape

The Yarlap with AutoKegel® is a super-duper Kegel trainer. Hear us out: it does the Kegel exercises for you. Our Kegel trainer sends the precise instructions to your muscles using a low-level signal to work/rest the pelvic floor muscles correctly.

You can Kegel while multi-tasking. Want to watch a movie while doing it? ✔ Want to read? ✔ Want to cook? ✔ Want to exercise while on a plane flight? ✔✔ Each workout is 20 minutes. That’s it.

A biofeedback device will track your muscle movements for you, but they will track any muscle movement. This means biofeedback Kegel trainer devices could be tracking movement regardless if you are using the right or wrong muscle.

If you have muscle atrophy, weakening of the muscles, or you just want something to do the workouts for you so you get the benefits, the best pelvic floor trainer for you could be something like Yarlap with AutoKegel® Technology. Yarlap isolates the correct muscles for you.
Our Kegel trainer allows you to retrain and re-education the pelvic floor muscles for you through clinically proven programs.

Three Must-Haves in a Perfect Kegel Trainer

The Yarlap has to have a few things to allow it to be the pelvic floor trainer that you chose for your specific lifestyle:

1. Yarlap does the workout or you

We understand that everyone is busy. You hardly have time to sit down before getting back up again to do something else. You need a Kegel trainer that works with you, not a pelvic floor trainer that needs separate time allotted to it.

Yarlap has 6 clinically proven pre-set programs; 3 programs are for pelvic floor muscle education and re-education, 3 are for pelvic floor muscle relaxation. With AutoKegel® Technology, the Yarlap allows you to do Kegel exercises while you are sitting, laying, cooking, watching TV, or climbing the stairs – you can multitask while the best pelvic floor trainer does the workouts for you.

2. Yarlap is small and comfortable

Yarlap small size PC Stimulator

Yarlap System | Relevium Lab Inc. ME REIDER © 2017

Privacy is important to everyone. Privacy below the belt is even more important. Yarlap is quite aware of this. The PC Stimulator from the Yarlap is the size of a tube of lipstick. No one needs to know that you are using it except you.

You can use it on flights or sitting on the porch talking with friends (no, seriously, we’ve had customers say this to us). You insert the PC Stimulator, which is about as tall as your thumb and a little wider, and within 20 minutes you are done with your workout for the day. You also get plenty of personal lubrication with your order too.

Comfort and discretion is all part of the idea behind Yarlap. Know what else is important? Results.

3. Yarlap works quickly

9 out of 10 people report having treated their incontinence or some sort of positive result with Yarlap. Urinary incontinence is not something that you have to live with. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can treat poor bladder control and help with joint issues, self-esteem, and quality of life.

99% of the users of Yarlap report that it is easy to you. If you don’t believe us or them, you can watch the “How To” video below. You can also see how small it is (hint from #2 😉).

Every single woman is different. We all know that every person reacts differently to exercise. Most women can expect to see results between 2-12 weeks. Rehabilitating and strengthening of a muscle takes time. Investing time and effort into a pelvic floor trainer to stop bladder leaks is always a solid idea.

Watch the Yarlap How To Video Here:

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