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What makes the Yarlap® System different than biofeedback?

Think of your pelvic floor health as a staircase. Right now, you are on the ground floor. The Yarlap® System is the first step and teaches you how to control your muscles. Then you go to biofeedback. The Yarlap® System and biofeedback devices work hand in hand.

The Yarlap® System does more than track what you do, it performs the exercises that you should be doing for you. You get the results you need.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a type of therapy that you all have probably heard of. Biofeedback uses electrodes that are attached or inserted to send signals to a monitor.

Biofeedback is good. But, biofeedback is not effective if you are unable to control your muscles. Biofeedback devices require your full attention to be effective.

You must focus on the exercise and control your muscles to do the action. Biofeedback tells you how well you performed your Kegel exercises and reports those results back to you.

What if you have difficulty with muscle control?

If you do not have the muscle control to contract your muscles properly, you will have a hard time reporting real results with biofeedback. If you use the wrong muscles or perform the exercises incorrectly, biofeedback will monitor any action. We have created a list to help you tell the difference between biofeedback and what the Yarlap® System does (See “Biofeedback & NMES (PDF)” at the bottom of the page!).

How is Yarlap® different than Biofeedback?

The Yarlap® System tells your muscles to do them correctly so you do not need to monitor or track yourself. This is very important for women who have atrophy (muscle memory loss from things like childbirth, hysterectomy, surgery, sports or injury).

Not only does the Yarlap®® System bring back the muscle tone, but the Yarlap®® System also maintains your continence after you have stopped leaking so you never again have to suffer the embarrassment and loss of freedom caused by incontinence.

Loss of muscle control is not a consequence of age, it is the loss of muscle tone. The Yarlap®® System trains you to do the Kegel exercise for you every single time by sending an instruction to your muscles to move.

Do not get us wrong: biofeedback is great! But without the proper muscle control, it will be hard to get results.

Buy Yarlap® directly from, or from your healthcare professional.

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