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The pelvic floor. It may sound like a stop on a hospital elevator but, the pelvic floor is actually a very important area of the body that controls many of our daily functions. Strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles lead to good feminine health and reproductive function. It is responsible for supporting our cervix, urethra, anus, bladder, and other lower organs.

Countless women think that peeing when they sneeze, run, or jump is a normal part of life that they have to live with. Yet, urinary incontinence is something that we don’t have to suffer with.

Training the muscles of a weak pelvic floor will strengthen this area. Most women have heard the phrase, “do your Kegels,” but there is more to maintaining a healthy pelvic floor than one type of exercise. Just like using the helpful and fun equipment at the gym for the rest of your body, there are ways you can work out these muscles too.

Using a pelvic floor therapy device can help you build the mind-body connection that is necessary to engage these internal muscles. This article will help you choose which device is right for your body and your needs.

Where Is the Pelvic Floor

The core of our body is protected by a trunk of muscle that wraps around our digestive organs and spine. The bottom of this core is the pelvic floor and the top is our diaphragm. These work together, kind of like a piston, to maintain pressure in our trunk, protect our spine, and help control our bathroom urges when we are bending and moving.

The pelvic floor stretches from the front of our pelvic bone to the back of our tailbone. In a healthy and strong pelvic floor, when you take a breath in, the pelvic floor relaxes to make room for your lungs to expand and your diaphragm to press down. When you exhale, the diaphragm rises, and the pelvic floor contracts up.

This is how the two muscle groups work together. Pelvic floor muscles are deep inside our body and can’t be seen or felt from the outside. And, for this reason, it is hard to connect with them.

Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

If you have experienced unexpected peeing when you laugh, sneeze, or jump, this is a sign that your pelvic floor needs strengthening. Sometimes women first encounter this after they have given birth. While others discover leaking issues when they first start to exercise.

But, there are other signs of pelvic floor dysfunction. Feeling constipated or that you are having incomplete bowel movements is a common symptom of pelvic floor muscles that are holding tension. Painful intercourse can also be a sign of an issue.

Often the advice you’re given when you research pelvic floor issues is to “do your Kegels.” But what exactly does a Kegel exercise feel like? It’s hard to know you are doing them right, especially if you are disconnected from this hidden part of your body.

Just like when you train your arms, legs, or glutes, having a strong mind-body connection is essential for building strength. At the gym, it’s easy to look in the mirror and see what you are working on. But, our pelvic floor area is inside us, and without the help of a pelvic floor physiotherapist, it is difficult for many women to connect with the feeling of a Kegel movement.

This is where a good pelvic floor therapy device can help you.

What Is a Pelvic Floor Therapy Device?

The days of trying your hardest to hold your pelvic floor muscles tight are over. Now we have the technology to assist us and take the guesswork out of if we are doing it right.

A Kegel exercise machine is a device that helps you strengthen this important mind-body connection and learn to control the pelvic floor muscles.

There are biofeedback machines that measure how long and how strong your pelvic floor contractions are, and if they are releasing. Biofeedback machines are good for those people who have already mastered the Kegel movement.

Other devices work as Kegel stimulators. These machines give an electrical impulse to the muscles through a wand- or egg-shaped attachment that is safe to insert. They don’t require you to already know how to focus on the pelvic floor.

Kegel stimulators are the most versatile option. They are helpful for anyone struggling to feel a sensation or are suffering from severe pelvic floor dysfunction. They are also great for those women who want to lay back and relax while the device does the ‘heavy lifting!’

Choosing the Right Pelvic Floor Therapy Device

The best Kegel exercise device will be the one that is easy for you to use. The award-winning Yarlap AutoKegel machine is programmed with six different exercise programs. The twenty-minute sessions are clinically proven to stop urinary incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor. This device will drive the elusive mind-body connection to your pelvic floor.

This Kegel stimulator device has a small, round wand that is easily inserted. A custom intensity level will give you plenty of options to increase or decrease the energizing stimulation for your pelvic floor. It is discrete and simple to use.

In as little as two to twelve weeks, you can be living without embarrassing urinary incontinence. Using the Yarlap AutoKegal allows you to relax for twenty minutes with some intimate self-care.

Gain Back Your Pelvic Floor Control

Maintaining good pelvic floor health is essential for a happy and healthy life. No one should live with uncomfortable constipation, urinary incontinence, or loss of pleasure. But, learning how to master the invisible Kegel is something many women give up on.

The Yarlap AutoKegel is here to solve these frustrating problems. With its stimulating energy, this pelvic floor therapy device will strengthen your muscles while you relax. The reviews on this device are excellent, with many women stating they never realized how pelvic floor dysfunction was impacting their lives.

Check out the Yarlap award-winning bladder control kit today, and see what everyone is raving about. In a month you’ll be jumping (dry) with joy!

Buy Yarlap® directly from, or from your healthcare professional.

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