Urinary Incontinence? Traditional Kegel Exercises Not Working? Well, You’re Not Alone

Leaking urine involuntarily is not a conversation most people want to have. It’s not the most ideal dinner conversation. It may be embarrassing to talk about how you pee from laughing, sneezing, or coughing. And in all honesty, most people think they are alone in the sense of they are the only ones having this issue.

But good news… you are not alone!

According to Phoenix PT, one in four women over the age of 18 are having the same issue of involuntarily leaking. The leakage is a result of the pelvic floor muscles weakening and can happen due to a variety of reasons: pregnancy, being overweight, age, menopause, high impact exercises, etc. So we know how common this issue is and understand why women are experiencing the leakage, but what now and how do we fix it? Well, this is the path we all tend to take:

Step One: Google

No matter what, if anything is ever wrong we tend to go straight to google. We put on our doctor’s coat, type in our symptoms, and somehow, in the end, we self-diagnose ourselves with a crazy, far-fetched disease that just simply isn’t possible. But in our case when we search bladder leakage, we actually find out there are Kegel exercises that can be done throughout the day to strengthen our pelvic floor.

Step Two: Kegel Exercises

After our google searching, we learn how easy it is to perform Kegelexercises and like the idea that we can do it wherever and whenever. Kegel exercise is meant to strengthen your pelvic floor over time after tightening and releasing it and you can see results anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You can perform these exercises discretely at your desk or when you are relaxing and watching your favorite show. So you start performing these Kegel exercises daily in the hopes it is strengthening your pelvic floor and fixes the issue.

Step Three: “I’ll do it tomorrow”

At the beginning of any task, we’re extremely ambitious. Probably thinking, “alright we found the treatment and now I am more

motivated than ever to fix my issue.” Well, that mindset only lasts for about a week or two. Then we start telling ourselves that we will start again tomorrow; yet, we all know we’re lying to ourselves and we never did do it tomorrow. We get caught up in work, family, or just about anything else which makes us forget to perform these Kegel exercises on our own.

We then start to think about how we wish there was an easier solution to our problem. Well, we’re here to tell you our fourth and final step is your solution, and that solution is Yarlap.

Fourth and Final Step: Yarlap

Yarlap is the easier solution you have been searching for. Yarlap is easy to use and will perform the Kegel exercises for you using its AutoKegel Technology. After inserting the small PC Stimulator and choosing a program from the Yarlap unit, your only responsibility is to relax and let the Yarlap unit do the rest. After just 20 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week, you will regain control of your bladder in as little as 2-12 weeks. With the Yarlap, there is no guessing if you are performing Kegel exercises correctly, and instead, you have a device that is FDA cleared with clinically proven fast results.

So my last and final question is if you are suffering from bladder leakage and failed Kegel exercises, why are you still reading this blog instead of pursuing the Yarlap?

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