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You may not know the name, yet you know the pressing feeling before, and the emotional pain after… and that feeling and that pain is the uncontrollable act of peeing yourself. There was nothing you did to induce a sudden and overwhelming urge to pee. Instead, it is simply just a problem your body faces every day due to the weakening of your pelvic floor. Read more to learn more about urge incontinence!

Not to get technical here but everyone deserves a little urinary incontinence 101 lesson: The sudden urinary incontinence happens from a spasmodic muscle contraction, which is called “Urge Incontinence” or also known as: “Irritable Bladder,” “Overactive Bladder,” or “Spastic Bladder.”

Urge Incontinence and The Anxiety of It

yellow background of embarrassed girl The sudden, involuntary loss of urine can be extremely embarrassing. I mean obviously it is embarrassing. Who would not want to be embarrassed if suddenly (and out of nowhere) you pee your pants? No one in their right mind would ever want that to happen or not be embarrassed by it. And you know what happens when humans get embarrassed? We incite a pervasive fear of judgment by others resulting in self-imposed restrictions, which ultimately ends up with us limiting our daily activities.

I get it though, who would not limit their activity since they never know if or when they are going to urinate uncontrollably or suffer from urge incontinence? If you wet your pants in public, you are going to get those rude stares, and those people making remarks to the person beside them with their attempt to do it discretely.

Not only is this problem embarrassing, but it is also intensely personal and extremely disheartening.

Urge Incontinence and Absorbent Products

This brings us to my favorite option to “treat” urge urinary incontinence **sarcasm**. For those who do not struggle with urinary incontinence, what if I told you the women who do face these issues are wearing diapers to combat the problem. DIAPERS! Ok yes, diapers do catch the urine and save you from the public embarrassment of wetting your pants. But diapers are bulky, uncomfortable, and let’s not forget they are expensive!
woman holding up diaper
Urinary incontinence (e.g. urge incontinence) is not going to just magically disappear on its own, and diapers are not technically treating the problem, they are just hiding the problem. As time progresses, the condition only gets worse and you are left spending more and more on diapers, laundry, etc.

Did you know that women who have urinary incontinence spend $800 more per year than women who do not have bladder leakage?

Let’s think about diapers for a second and why diaper companies always market their favorite laundry detergent. It’s because you are an annuity. If you are using diapers, you are automatically spending more on laundry. Direct correlation. And that is why the true annual cost per woman for incontinence is over $2,000 for laundry, dry cleaning, damage to clothes and furniture. Here at Yarlap®, do not like that statistic nor the idea of anyone wearing diapers or having urge incontinence.

There is a more natural solution to many types of incontinence like urge incontinence which is a pelvic floor exercises known as Kegels. And to be blunt, perhaps an is another natural solution to urinary incontinence, but as women, we all know that’s impossible to regulate.

Back to Kegels with a Kegel 101 Lesson

kegel lessonsWhen we exercise naturally, our mind sends a mild electrical impulse to the muscles to contract and relax them. This work/rest action in exercises helps tone our muscles over time. Tone also firms up the muscles and the exercise promotes blood flow which respirates the muscles. The oxygen, energy, and removing waste can stop the muscles from spasming – which can cause that sudden and often uncontrollable urge to void.

You may be lost after reading that lesson and let me tell you I was pretty lost even writing it. But essentially doing Kegels is like performing any other exercises.
When you work the muscles repeatedly, they are going to get stronger. When you keep performing Kegels, you strengthen the muscles on your pelvic floor which ultimately stops the uncontrollable balder leakage.

But if you are still lost, I will leave you with this:

  • Kegel = Exercise
  • Exercise = Muscle Strengthening
  • Muscle Strengthening = Controllable Bladder
  • Controllable Bladder = Happy People

Urge incontinence and Kegel Exercises: Are You Doing Them Right?

Unfortunately, a significant number of women who try to tone their pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises find it difficult to determine if their pelvic muscle exercises have been performed correctly. As with any exercise, the benefit gained from the exercise is significantly diminished if the exercise protocol is poorly executed.

How are we even supposed to know if were performing Kegels correctly? To be honest, you really don’t. It is a hard exercise to perform correctly and monitor. Now there are some devices, like biofeedback devices that could help monitor, but that may not be appropriate for everyone.

There are some ways to treat or help hide the issue of urge incontinence, but they come with their flaws and disappointments. Here at Yarlap® that was just not acceptable.

Creating Yarlap for Women

Yarlap System as an entire kit

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We were sick and tired of hearing about failed treatments because to us, no one should have to deal with an uncontrollable bladder like urge incontinence.

Yarlap’s® creators did not just want to create a simple solution for women struggling with urinary incontinence (including urge incontinence); yet, they wanted to create a simple solution that will actually work and provide long-lasting results. And that my friends is how Yarlap® was created.

Our award-winning device is for women of all ages and sizes because urinary incontinence does not stereotype. Young athletic individuals may face it or as we get older you may start having that uncontrollable balder.

The Yarlap® is FDA Cleared for over the counters purchases which has clinically proven programs that improve you muscle tone in your pelvic floor. And here is the best part. With Yarlap® you can you’re your pelvic floor muscles in the privacy of your own home.

No drugs, no surgery, no more pads or diapers. Yarlap® is the solution that has helped thousands of other women in the same position as you who struggles with urinary incontinence. They were able to regain control of their bladder, and you can too.

Better to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Urge Incontinence Natural Front-line Treatment

Yarlap® does this all by sending a mild electrical impulse to the muscles, just like in nature, but the instructions are communicated to your muscles through your skin, hence the trademark: AutoKegel®Yarlap® does it all for you! Simply just insert the PC Stimulator, sit back, relax, and in just a few short weeks, you’ll see improvement.

So, for a product that really works, try Yarlap®.  A real solution to treat a real problem.

Buy Yarlap® directly from, or from your healthcare professional.

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