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Urinary incontinence does not discriminate. Whether you are young or old, a weak pelvic floor might affect your ability to hold your urine. This embarrassing malady may make you feel like you have lost control of your body and your life.

You do not need to feel that way. Regaining control of your bladder can be as simple as engaging in regular pelvic muscle workouts. But what exercises help, and how will you know if you are doing them correctly?

Many women have found success through the use of a pelvic floor device. If you are picturing some kind of archaic torture device, you could not be further from the truth! Sleek, comfortable, digital devices exist, and some even do the work for you!

Curious about whether a pelvic floor device might be right for you? Read on to learn more about building stronger pelvic muscles using devices like the Yarlap kegel exercise system.

Why Should You Be Exercising Pelvic Muscles?

Your pelvic floor muscles (Kegel muscles) are responsible for supporting various organs. These include your uterus, bladder, and rectum. That group of muscles works hard, and the stronger it is, the more effective it will be at preventing issues with those organs.

There is a direct link between pelvic tone and bladder incontinence. The stronger your pelvic floor, the more likely you will be to overcome urinary issues naturally.

Incontinence may affect any woman due to age, weight, childbirth, pregnancy, surgeries, and more. No matter the cause, a strong pelvic floor may help mitigate issues. Think of it as repairing the foundation of a building so that unwanted moisture will not leak into the home.

Why Choose a Pelvic Floor Device?

A lot of factors may contribute to the success of Kegel exercises on reversing incontinence, and it may be hard to get it right on your own. If you are unsure if your kegel workouts are effective, a device such as the Yarlap kegel exercise system may help.

Common Kegel Problems

Foremost, you will need to identify your pelvic floor muscles. If you are already experiencing incontinence and your muscles are weak, this may be hard to do.

It is common for women to mistake other muscles for the pelvic muscles responsible for reducing the symptoms of incontinence. You might be exercising the abdomen or other nearby muscle systems, it might be difficult to tell! Sometimes women push instead of pull during their exercises, which works the wrong muscles.

You may need to practice controlling your pelvic floor muscles. This could require a great deal of focus, and might easily lead to fatigue. Many women begin an exercise regimen for their Kegel muscles and then give up because it might be a struggle to make it a priority.

How Are Devices Like Yarlap Different?

An FDA-cleared pelvic floor device might be an excellent tool that can help reduce some of the struggles involved in doing kegel exercises on your own at home. Yarlap is different than your average device, however, as it is simple, safe, and private.

Yarlap is Simple

A device like the one included in Yarlap’s Kegel exercise kit will actually do the workout for you. With proper placement, Yarlap exercises the correct muscles for the appropriate amount of time. This includes physically repositioning the visceral organs to get the best possible results.

Yarlap is Safe

Believe it or not, women have gotten very hurt while using other commercial kegel floor devices. In contrast, Yarlap checks six times per second to make sure that you are safe during the workout itself.

Pin connectors are the cause of a majority of injuries related to device use. Unlike other brands, Yarlap has no pin connectors. Users stay safe before, during, and after use of the device.

In fact, Yarlap is the only pelvic floor device manufacturer with patents for safety and efficacy. They even have regularly published peer-reviewed journal articles on electroceuticals for women. With so many professionals confident in Yarlap’s success, you can have confidence in buying devices online.

Yarlap is Private

Many other pelvic floor devices use tracking apps to monitor your device usage, but for many women, incontinence is a very private matter. Yarlap does not utilize any tracking or remote control, making it 100% private at all times. You can conduct your workouts without worrying about data, tracking, or information leaks.

Comparing Workout Device Prices

When choosing a pelvic floor device, you might be inclined to go with the least expensive option. When making your choice, it is important to consider what you will be getting for your money.

Foremost, you will want to make sure that the unit you purchase has some level of FDA approval. Only approved devices have proven success in treating and reversing incontinence.

Also, pay attention to what is included with your purchase. Does it come with everything you need, or will you need to make additional purchases to use it successfully? The Yarlap kit includes the Yarlap device, plus batteries, water-soluble gel, a detailed user manual, and a discrete storage pouch.

Furthermore, be sure that you have some control over your comfort. Devices with a single setting may be uncomfortable or ineffective. A device that allows you to customize your workout for comfort will ensure that you are more likely to use it.

Regain Bladder Control With Yarlap

Urinary incontinence can affect anyone, but devices exist that can help you tone your pelvic floor and regain control. A quality pelvic floor device can treat your incontinence or give you the ability to prevent issues in the future. Building a strong pelvic floor can be a safe and comfortable experience.

With the Yarlap kegel exercise system, you can be on your way to reclaiming urinary control. This affordable, FDA-cleared system takes all of the guesswork out of kegel exercises by toning your muscles while you relax. Visit the Yarlap online shop to explore the features of this life-changing kegel exercise system!

Buy Yarlap® directly from, or from your healthcare professional.

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