4 Yoga Poses to Help with Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can stop even the biggest yoga fan from doing their normal routine. When you leak in the presence of other women you see every week, you don’t exactly feel calm and centered. It’s mortifying, right?There are several poses which engage and activate the pelvic floor muscles. Here are four yoga poses for women with incontinence to try out:

Reclined Bound Angle

This sounds more complicated than it actually is, so don’t worry. Lie flat on the ground with your arms by your side and your palms facing up. Bring the soles of your feet together and stretch your knees towards the ground (like a butterfly stretch, but on your back). This pose stretches the inner thighs, granting you greater flexibility and control in the nearby pelvic floor muscles.

Warrior II

First, stand straight. Then, bend your right leg forward as far as you can (make sure your knee is directly above your ankle). Straighten out your left leg backward without moving your toes from their original position. Try to put your weight on the heel of your right foot. This pose stretches the pelvic floor muscles like no other!

Legs Up the Wall

This sounds more like a second-rate horror film than a yoga position, but, if done correctly, it decreases the chance of random leaks by allowing the pelvic floor muscles more room to relax fully. Start out by laying down on the ground (feet facing the wall), sitting on the floor with your rear-end. Swing your legs around so that you are now looking at the wall and your legs are stretched out and resting against it. Lower your head and back to the floor slowly. You’re going to look like you’re sitting on your wall. You may need a couple tries to get this one right, but it’s worth it.

Child’s Pose

Last but not least is this well-known position appropriately recognized for its easy difficulty. Simply kneel on the ground and sit back a little so that your heels are below your butt. Then, bend your back and stretch your arms as far as you can while still touching the ground. Your pelvic floor muscles will contract like crazy!

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