Stop Urge Incontinence

Stop Your Urge Incontinence with Yarlap Today

Yarlap is the award winning device clinically proven to treat urge incontinence. Our FDA cleared technology is simple to use and comfortable.

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WH-FemTech Awards 2018_2

Stop Your Urge Incontinence with Yarlap Today

Yarlap is the award winning device clinically proven to treat urge incontinence. Our FDA cleared technology is simple to use and comfortable.

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WH-FemTech Awards 2018_2

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FDA cleared to treat urge incontinence

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How It Works: Stop Wasting Your Time with Urge Incontinence

Results between 2-12 weeks, depending on the tone of your pelvic floor muscles. Yarlap does the entire pelvic floor workout for you, without the guesswork to treat urge incontinence.

How It Works 2: Kegels, Done For You

Effortless, simple, and actually works to end your urge incontinence. By sending a gentle signal to your pelvic floor muscles, Yarlap tones the pelvic floor muscles for you.

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What women say about Yarlap®


Verified Reviewer

The Yarlap works! I noticed initial results in 12 days, and now after six weeks, it has further strengthened the pelvic floor muscles. I must mention the ease of effort on my part, and with no pain. I have no more urgency and can go without pads ($) most days. The device is easy to use - no complicated directions. Readily available answers, if any questions, are a plus. Approaching age 75 and with open abdominal surgery last fall, I had both increased stress incontinence with urgency. I was referred to a urogynecologist who prescribed vaginal Estriol (hormone) and physical therapy (P.T). But with the Yarlap system I no longer need the hormone, from which I was experiencing uncomfortable side effects. And no more floor exercises. I now know what a correct Kegel feels like.

As a very satisfied customer, I highly recommend the Yarlap

Vanessa V.

Verified Reviewer

All I can say is that Yarlap really works. I tried EVERYTHING, kegels, pills and finally surgery. NOTHING WORKED !!! Two weeks in with the Yarlap and I'm seeing results ladies. I'm sooo happy I gave Yarlap a try!

Yarlap really works !!!!!!


Verified Reviewer

The Yarlap is top notch. I have dealt with incontinence for years and have finally found a product that helps. I’m a mother of two and an avid runner that has completed 4 marathons. At each and every race I end up peeing on myself. After using Yarlap consistently for a few weeks I see a drastic difference. I can run races without worrying if I’m going to go to the bathroom on myself. I no longer have to stop and pee every 5 minutes. Yarlap is a God send. Thank you to the creators of this product you have truly changed my life.

It works!!!

Laura D.

Verified Reviewer

Life had gotten so bad that I couldn't wear a belt or pants that buttoned - I couldn't get them off fast enough to avoid an accident. Now I am able to hold it for 15 min and I've only been using Yarlap for two weeks. My life has improved so much.

My life has improved so much!


Verified Reviewer

I have suffered with urinary incontinence for many years because of a neurological issue. After 3 days of using Yarlap I feel completely healed and free of fear of embarrassment. I couldn't be happier! I almost purchased something cheaper after I discovered this type of product, but am so glad I bought what works! Thanks to my other sisters who wrote raving reviews! I spent the extra money for the Yarlap and I am so glad I did! My only regret is that I didn't stumble upon this miracle years ago. I can only go forward and rejoice knowing God send this help to me. I can finally get out of the house and be apart of the rest of the world knowing I am safe and protected! This product is worth a million dollars! Thank you to everyone!

A big difference..Regained my life in 3 days!

Roberta E.

Verified Reviewer

I only used Yarlap for a few days - and noticed a remarkable change for the better - in my bladder control. It's VERY expensive - but worth the cost of going to the doctor and an operation. Glad I spend the big bucks.

Great System

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Yarlap Unit

PC Stimulator

Personal Lubricant

(5 oz) hypoallergenic

One (1) 9-volt battery

One (1) carrying bag

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