About Our Company

We believe every woman deserves to have a healthy pelvic floor.

Our Name

The name Yarlap® comes from the classic film The Philadelphia Story (© 1940, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), Katherine Hepburn’s character wistfully rhapsodizes about the performance of her yacht named the “True Love.” Remember when she says, “My, she was yar...” easy to handle, responds correctly, lively, right. ``Lap`` is from your actual lap or lady parts. With us, your lap can be “yar” again!

Our Mission

To conceive, develop, & refine products that enhance customer satisfaction and well-being in terms of quality, cost, and delivery by always remaining at the peak of the ‘State of Possible'.

Yarlap® History

Our firm has designed a number of medical devices cleared by the FDA for clinical and home use. Our products are respected for being safe and effective and are largely known to the consumer and clinicians under private brand names.

In response to changes in our healthcare, we have designed devices cleared by the FDA for home use so you, the consumer, in consultation with your licensed healthcare professional can have direct accesses to safe and reliable products from the specification developer.

Specifically, we were shocked by the average amount of money women spent on medications and diapers due to urinary incontinence.

Incontinence significantly impacts quality of life. It is wide spread among women, the physical discomfort and disruption in their lives may carry an emotional burden of shame and embarrassment that often occurs with episodes of incontinence. It is a condition many find too personal to disclose. Perhaps isolation exacerbates the emotional burden for the individual. Indeed, there are clinical studies that suggest a correlation between female incontinence and depression.

Yarlap® provides you an option that get rids of the expensive cost of treating urinary incontinence while treating the problem at its source.

Clinically Proven

Yarlap® is clinically proven Kegel training device that strengthens and tones the pelvic floor muscles for you.

Sexual Health

Improved sexual performance and sexual experience with the Yarlap® Kegel Trainer!

Fast Results

Results may occur at 2-12 weeks. Yarlap® helps women with all ranges of incontinence.

It's all about Results

Gain control in just a few weeks. Yarlap’s clinically proven programs treat and prevent urinary incontinence. 20 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. No surgery or drugs are involved. You control the comfort directly because every woman is unique – so should your treatment.

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